LARC NEWS Posted: 9/30/2013 10:09:09 AM

To: Los Alamitos Race Course Horsemen and Horsewomen,

From: Edward C. Allred, Owner, Los Alamitos Race Course

Re: Approval of 5 weeks of Thoroughbred racing at Los Alamitos Race Course in 2014

The California Horse Racing Board has approved two weeks of Thoroughbred Racing from July 3, 2014 to July 13, 2014 and three weeks from December 4, 2014 to December 21, 2014. Los Alamitos Race Course has contracted with the Thoroughbred Owners of California to provide up to 700 stalls on a year round basis for Thoroughbreds on the major Southern California circuit. Some of these horses will begin arriving on February 1, 2014. It may be some months afterwards for all of the stalls to be utilized. The stalls on the North side of the barn area will be designated for Southern California circuit thoroughbreds, and will allocated by Santa Anita. Many of the major Thoroughbreds trainers will be stabled at Los Alamitos Race Course. All Quarter Horses and Thoroughbreds designated to run in the existing Los Alamitos racing format will be stalled on the South side of the barn area, and in a new barn section of 200 stalls to be constructed in the area where the yearling sale is now held. Obviously, many of our trainers will be moved to stalls in these areas.

The present racetrack will be extended to a distance just short of one mile. The far turn will hook up at the present 550 yard chute. The existing 5/8 mile track will still be utilized for night Quarter Horse racing with temporary rails set up or removed as the case may be. There will be no disruption in the Quarter Horse racing program during the construction of the mile track other than closing the track for training from December 23 to December 26. Long time Track Consultant Dennis Moore will supervise the track reconstruction.

Quarter Horse racing will still be conducted three nights per week (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) during the 5 weeks of Thoroughbred racing. The present major stakes program for Quarter Horses will remain unchanged. Overnight purses for Quarter Horses in 2014 should increase meaningfully because of projected increases in Quarter Horse handle and other income enhancements from the spill over effects of major Thoroughbred racing.

Grandstand box seat areas will be created primarily for day time Thoroughbred racing. Outside boxes will be provided in the lower Vessels Club. Some “cleanup” work will be done, but no major changes in the grandstand or clubhouse will be planned initially.

We don’t like to disrupt or inconvenience anyone, but the strongly positive effects of major Thoroughbred racing will be evident on both a short and long term basis. We anticipate a stronger, better Los Alamitos Race Course for years to come as a result of these changes. Everything we are doing will make our historic Quarter Horse racing prosper from the greater public exposure that will result. We need your cooperation and support to make this work optimally. I promise to do everything I can to make this be a substantial benefit to Quarter Horse racing.

We welcome your questions and comments.

Truly Yours,

Edward C. Allred

Owner, Los Alamitos Race Course

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