The Los Alamitos $2 Million Futurity


The Los Alamitos Million, a race that has grown in leaps and bounds since its inaugural $1 million running in 1995, is annually one of the richest Quarter Horse races in the nation. The race has traditionally offered a $2 million dollar purse since 2006. The purse for the Los Alamitos Two Million Futurity includes $400,000 in added money.

This historic guaranteed growth of the Los Alamitos Two Million Futurity is just one piece in a powerful threesome of 2-year-old races at the Orange County oval in California. In addition to the Los Alamitos Two Million Futurity, Los Alamitos plays host to the $1 million Golden State Million and the latest in the group of $1 million races, the Ed Burke Million. The three races are open to all 2-year-olds.

The $100,000 added Golden State Million is run in the fall at a distance of 400 yards, the same distance as the Los Alamitos Two Million Futurity. The $250,000 added Ed Burke Million is run in June over a distance of 350 yards.

With this historic lineup of million dollar races, Los Alamitos Race Course is the only track in California of any race breed to annually offer three $1 million races. The Los Alamitos Two Million Futurity, the Golden State Million and the Ed Burke Million also comprise the $1 million Los Alamitos Bonanza. The Los Alamitos Bonanza offers a $1 million bonus to be shared by the owner and nominator of any horse that can sweep the three races.

Unlike any other bonus programs, the Los Alamitos Bonanza pays out its $1 million award in one lump sum, as opposed to yearly installment payments spread over 20 to 25 years.

For information on the Los Alamitos Two Million Futurity and Golden State Million Futurity, please contact Los Alamitos Director of Nominations Melodie Knuchell at 714-820-2801.

The Pacific Coast Quarter Horse Racing Association administers the Ed Burke Memorial Futurity. The PCQHRA can be reached at 714-236-1755.


The normally mild weather in southern California, coupled with entry numbers that mean just one night of qualifying, give participants in the trials for major Los Alamitos futurities the fairest possible race conditions.

All it takes is a look at the number of trial entrants from the most recent runnings of the Golden State Million and the Los Alamitos Million to understand why racing California provides you with a numbers edge in qualifying to a million dollar race.

# of Trial Entrants# of Trials
2016 Los Alamitos Two Million11814
2016 Golden State Million9412
2015 Los Alamitos Two Million8911
2016 Golden State Million7010
2014 Los Alamitos Two Million10913
2014 Golden State Million8310
2013 Los Alamitos Two Million11114
2013 Golden State Million9011
2012 Los Alamitos Two Million11013
2012 Golden State Million8711
2011 Los Alamitos Two Million11614
2011 Golden State Million8310
2010 Los Alamitos Two Million10812
2010 Golden State Million10512
2009 Los Alamitos Two Million9412
2009 Golden State Million8711
2008 Golden State Million908
2008 Los Alamitos Million7810
2007 Golden State Million708
2007 Los Alamitos Million7410
2006 Golden State Million848
2006 Los Alamitos Million8310
2005 Golden State Million1078
2005 Los Alamitos Million8610
2004 Golden State Million858
2004 Los Alamitos Million9810
2003 Golden State Million668
2003 Los Alamitos Million7810
2002 Golden State Million587
2002 Los Alamitos Million719
2001 Golden State Million617
2001 Los Alamitos Million8111
2000 Golden State Million476
2000 Los Alamitos Million9012