LARC NEWS Posted: 4/15/2020 5:48:48 PM


Racing fans watching TVG’s The Quarters have been treated to an enjoyable new segment on the show starring Dave Weaver and his adorable 6-year-old daughter, Sophy Weaver, live from the “Ice-Cold Exacta Studios” in the Weaver household. The light-hearted segments from the father and daughter team are highlighted by the unveiling “Sophy’s Cinch”of the night, one pick representing her best bet of the evening.

And while horse player jargon often includes the phrase putting on a handicapping hat when studying the past performances in order to select our picks to click, Sophy will appear on camera actually sporting either her unicorn hat, cat ears or at times bypassing the hat altogether and instead just bringing along her trusty sidekick, a bumblebee stuffed toy.  Hey, you can’t knock if it works.                                               

Not only does Sophy announce her selections, she also shares a few of the reasons as to why her “Cinch” will be tough to beat. So far “Sophy’s Cinch” at Los Alamitos have come through with flying colors, resulting in winners in four out of her first five attempts,including a photo finish win with the 2-year-old first time starter Halley in the sixth race last Friday and then with Favorite Mongoose in the ninth last Saturday night. All five of her picks made during the segments have resulted in a top two finish.                                                           

It’s fair to say that the racing fans are loving the segments. A video announcing Favorite Mongoose as Saturday’s“Cinch” had over 15,000 views on Dave Weaver’s Twitter page @icecoldexacta. On that same page, her Friday video had over 14,000 views. The Weavers have certainly delivered a solid one-two punch.                     

As racing from Los Alamitos continues to attract new viewers from across the nation on TVG, it looks like a sure bet that the charming “Sophy’s Cinch” segment will continue to remain popular while also delivering some winners along the way. With her early success well documented, young Sophy surely doesn’t have anything left to prove. Her place in “The Quarters”lore is secure.  “Sophy’s Cinch” will just keep delivering smiles to go along with the exciting racing action at Los Alamitos Race Course.        



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