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Professor G at Los Alamitos takes a look at the most recent workouts posted by the seven 2-year-olds debuting in the 6th and 8th races on Saturday at Los Alamitos. Videos of gate works are available here:


#1 DF Fabulous Feiend – April 16  :12.60 at 220 yards - Inside horse

A filly by One Fabulous Eagle, DF Fabulous Feiend will work evenly from the inside post against Copauinos Best. DF Fabulous Feiend stood perfectly in the starting gate and will break nicely. She is lightly brushed after the start and will go head to head with her rival while being asked left-handed. She will hit the wire a long nose behind Copauinos Best  and then looks a little green pass the wire before drifting out at the end. She finished with the 15th fastest of 40 works.

#2 Terrific Temper – April 16  :12.90 – Inside horse

A filly by Tempting Dash out of the two-time Grade 1 winner Terrific Energy, Terrific Temper will outwork the gelding Sullee in this work. Terrific Temper will break awkwardly and her rider may have brushed the side of the gate at the start. She will run greenly from that point on while looking to drift to the inside. She will open an advantage over her workmate while under a hold from her rider.  She continues to want to drift to the inside throughout. This was the 31st fastest of 40 drills.

#3 Sassies Blues Girl – April 18 :12.40 – Inside horse

Sassies Blues Girl will work evenly with Jumpn JB with both fillies traveling the distance in :12.40. A filly by Favorite Cartel out of the champion Sass Me Blue, Sassies Blues Girl will break to the inside but levels out quickly. She will be asked right handed and will hit the wire at the same time as Jumpn JB. After the wire, the jockey will continue to hustle Sassies Blues Girl and she responds impressively and continues with a tremendous gallop out. She finished with the morning’s 3rd fastest of 38 works.

#4 In Deep Thought – April 16  :12.80 - Inside horse

Leaving the gate from an inside post, In Deep Thought is a filly by Favorite Cartel and out of the stakes winner Bemused. She will outwork Sure To Charm this morning in a time of 12.80-13.0. In Deep Thought is moving her head just a tad before the start but is looking straight ahead as the gate opens. She will break sharply and jockey Vinnie Bednar will ask her a few times. In Deep Thought accelerates and takes the lead and from there will continue easily and smoothly on the way to the 28th fastest of 40 drills. Her gallop out is a solid one as well.

#5 Pour Corona – April 18 :12.60 – Outside horse

Corona Pour is a full sister to AQHA champion Quirky. She will work evenly here from the outside post against Outta Dodge, a Favorite Cartel colt out of You Can Fly.  Pour Corona will break nice and straight. She will float to the inside but levels out nicely and will cross the wire evenly with her workmate. The time was 17th fastest of 38 drills.

#6 Ms Racy Eagle  - April 21 :12.40 – Middle horse in 3-horse set

Miss Racy Ragle will work as part of a 3-horse set and she will leave the gate in between horses. She has Blessed Assurance to her inside and One Famous miss to her outside. A filly by One Famous Eagle out of First Down Racy, Ms Racy Eagle will win this drill over One Famous Miss. Ms Racy Eagle will stand perfectly in the gate and will break sharply. She will have a lot of room to move and she is never asked by her rider. She continues to jet all on her own and really turns on the after burners past the wire. She posted the 4th fastest of 16 drills of April 21.

#7 Jess Fortunate – April 4  :12.80 - Insidee

Jess Fortunate will work evenly with Suite Josephine, a fifth place finisher in her racing debut. They will both covered the 220 yards in :12.8 in this work. A filly by Mr Jess Perry and out of Fire And Delight,  Jess Fortunate will go to the inside out of the gate and gets bumped. She will be asked throughout and will hit the wire in unison with Suite Josephine. Jess Fortunate gallops out nicely in this work. Her time of :12.80 was the 30th fastest of 48 drills.



#1 Single Brad – April 16  :12.10 at 220 yards - Outside horse

Here’s the bullet work from April 16 posted by Single Brad, a gelding by Foose out of Single Sadie. Single Brad will break from the outside post as part of a three-horse drill. He is facing Roving Kind, who is on the inside spot and debuts on Friday night, and Fast Fresna, who is working in between horses. Single Brad will break to the inside but quickly finds his stride and will rocket out from there under left-hand urging by his rider. He will win the work by two lengths while continuing sharply past the wire.

This was the bullet drill from among the 40 works recorded on April 16.

#2 Bac To Life – April 18  :12.50 – Inside horse

Back To Life, a colt by Walk Thru Fire out of Running Bac, was purchased for $47,000 at the Los Alamitos Equine Sale. He is part of a three horse set that will work evenly in :12.50. His workmates are Set Forth in the middle and Fool This Kid on the outside. Bac To Life will break to the inside and will bobble a few strides after the start. He will continue to float to the inside while asked. He finds himself with plenty of room to operate and will finish nicely on his own. The trio equaled the  9th fastest of 38 drills.

#3 Coronas Big Flash – April 14  :12.30 – Outside horse

Coronas Big Flash will outwork Celtic Rhythm, who is making his debut on Friday night. A gelding by Corona Cartel out of Flame And Flash, Coronas Big Flash will break okay and is just a step behind Celtic Rhythm early on. Coronas Big Flash will steadily pick up speed while never being asked. He’ll cross the wire ahead of Celtic Rhythm while under a nice hold and will continue to impress during his gallop out. He had the 4th fastest of 45 drills.

#4 Jess Paint Me – April 16  :12.60 - Inside horse

Working from the inside, Jess Paint Me will outwork Rite On Time 12.6 to 12.7. Rite On Time is making her career debut on Friday night. Jess Paint Me is a colt by PYC Paint Your Wagon out of the blue hen mare Jess Sass Me. Jess Paint Me has his head up while waiting for the start of this drill. Once the gate opens, he will break rapidly. He’ll go to the inside and once he levels he’ll display nice easy strides while racing under a good hold from the rider. It is a nice and easy work from Jess Paint Me as he crosses the wire ahead of his workmate.  This was the 15th fastest of 40 drills.

#5 Delighted – April 18 :12.60 - Outside horse

Delighted is matched up in this work with Monopolist, who is scheduled to debut on Friday night. Moonlight will win this work 12.4 to 12.6. Delighted breaks evenly with Monopolist before his rival begins to pull ahead. Delighted will be asked right-handed a couple of times and he stays on task while finishing about a length behind his rival.  His work time was :12.60 – the 17th fastest of 38 drills.

#6 Leggolas  - April 14 :12.50 - Outside

Leggolas will work evenly with This Parties Hoppin, who is debuting on Friday night. A Washington-bred gelding by Corona Cartel and out of the graded stakes winner Ima Chickie Two, Leggolas will break with his head a bit high and will go towards the inside. He’ll find himself right next to This Parties Hoppin and the two will race shoulder-to-shoulder from the inside part of the track.  The two finished with the 21st fastest of 45 works. 

#7 The Good Saint Pat – April 4  :12.60 - Outside

Leaving from the outside post, The Good Saint Pat will easily win this drill 12.6 to 13.5 over Docs Tiene Fire. A colt by Good Reason SA and out of Ms Patty,  The Good Saint Pat is quick out of the gate while striding inward. He will float to the outside before shifting back to inside. By then The Good Saint Pat is well ahead of his rival. The rider will tap him right-handed just before the wire and The Good Saint Pat will continue to stride nicely past the wire. This was the 23rd fastest time from 48 works.




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