LARC NEWS Posted: 5/7/2021 10:10:06 PM


          If you follow the Los Alamitos nighttime racing action via Twitter, you have likely come across the tweets featuring handicapping tips and angles from @TheLosAlEdge, which is updated each racing night by Darren Robinson.          

          Over the years, “The Edge” has created a nice following on Twitter and become a popular handicapping resource for Los Alamitos racing fans on this social media platform. As interest in his picks has grown, the page expanded to The Edge Report before recently adding a subscription option with nightly analysis and selections on racing at Los Alamitos.

          “I joined Twitter in 2011 as @TheLosAlEdge because I wanted to interact with others who enjoyed racing at Los Al. I found that horse racing Twitter has a lot of great people who I have enjoyed meeting and interacting with over the last 10 years,” Robinson said.                                                    

          His interest in the sport dates to the mid-80s and afternoon visits to The Big Fresno Fair.                            

          “I started watching more and more through satellite racing and one night I discovered Los Alamitos. I loved it and after reading Beyer On Speed knew that I could develop my own speed figures specifically tailored to quarter horses and Los Alamitos Race Course.              

          “Around 2005 I created my first draft of raw figures using about 2 years’ worth of racing data. Fast forward to 2021 and after many recalculations and yearly revisions I am still going strong. Coming up with par times for each class, level and age division then using those to compare to nightly results.”                

          With these figures, Robinson feels that he can gain insights into each race, both on races down the straightaway and around the turn. His selections have been popular with the Twitter crowd and often generate a lot of conversation about handicapping the races at the Orange County oval.                   

           “Now I am writing The Edge Report and sharing my thoughts and insights on each night’s card,” Robinson added. “The feedback I have gotten has been great and helping others find success in handicapping Los Alamitos cannot be beat,”                 

          The Edge Report can be found at Find him on Twitter @TheLosAlEdge.


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