Two Year Old Workout Videos: Sat May 02, 2020

Set# Horse Breeding Trainer/Owner
Play Video Play Video 1 Shell Take Charge :19.3 Jaime Gomez
Play Video Play Video 2 Brockmire (inside) :18.6 Matt Fales
Flyen High (outside) :18.0 Rodolfo Viramontes
Play Video Play Video 3 More Than Looks (inside) :13.0 f, (CA) Favorite Cartel out of Look Her Over Scott Willoughby
Other World (outside) :13.2 g, (CA) Foose out of Celestial Being Scott Willoughby
Play Video Play Video 4 Favorite Colossus (inside) :12.3 c, (OR) Favorite Cartel out of Warm It Up Cesar De Alba
One Sweet Venom (outside) :12.9 f, (OR) One Sweet Jess out of Shake The Magic Cesar De Alba
Play Video Play Video 5 Maya India (inside) :12.5 f, (CA) Fast Prize Cartel out of Maya Red Hot Jose Flores
The Last Cly (outside) :12.5 g, (CA) Fast Prize Cartel out of Clydette Jose Flores
Play Video Play Video 6 Glacial Rule (inside) :12.3 g, (CA) Dominyu out of Burr Cold Terry Knight
Arcana (outside) :12.3 g, (OK) Corona Cartel out of Play Your Card Terry Knight
Play Video Play Video 7 Conga Blanca (inside) :12.9 f, (CA) Mr Jess Perry out of Hold Me Now Jose Flores
El Cuervo Favorito (middle) :12.4 g, (CA) Favorite Cartel out of Super Perla Negra Jose Flores
Docs Tiene Fire (outside) :12.6 c, (CA) Walk Thru Fire out of Thats Blazin Chick Ricardo Guillen
Play Video Play Video 8 Make Wave (inside) :13.5 f, (CA) TR Dasher out of Wave Babe Scott Willoughby
South Of Vegas (outside) :13.5 g, (CA) Favorite Cartel out of Kingman Kin Scott Willoughby
Play Video Play Video 9 Inaudible (inside) :13.0 f, (CA) Foose out of Little Talks Mike Casselman
Katella Avenue (outside) :12.5 g, (CA) Foose out of Katie Katella Mike Casselman