Two Year Old Workout Videos: Sat Jun 06, 2020

Set# Horse Breeding Trainer/Owner
Play Video Play Video 1 No Telling :18.1 Scott Willoughby
Play Video Play Video 2 Fire Sunset (inside) :18.7 Adriana Vallejo
Salty King Choice (outside) :19.3 Ricardo Guillen
Play Video Play Video 3 Mr Big (inside) :12.6 g, (NM) Big Daddy Cartel out of Sixy Streak Monty Arrossa
North Of Yuma (outside) :12.6 g, (CA) Favorite Cartel out of Kingman Kin Monty Arrossa
Play Video Play Video 4 Val Kiria (inside) :13.4 f, (CA) Favorite Cartel out of Mrs Pickens Jesus Nunez
Equilibrio (outside) :12.5 g, (CA) Seperate Interest out of Jess Walk Hector Magallanes
Play Video Play Video 5 Will Work (inside) :13.3 f, (CA) Stel Corona out of Working Girl Rodolfo Viramontes
LA P Loto (outside) :13.0 Rodolfo Viramontes
Play Video Play Video 6 Hes A Streakin King (inside) :12.9 g, (CA) First Down King out of Streakin For Joy John Cooper
Custom Hat (middle) :12.4 c, (CA) Favorite Cartel out of Hat D Strawfly John Cooper
Mesquite Bay (outside) :12.4 c, (CA) Favorite Cartel out of No Arizona John Cooper
Play Video Play Video 7 Wicked Weekend (inside) :13.2 g, (CA) Favorite Cartel out of Aqua Hawk Mike Casselman
Piemetothemoon (outside) :13.4 f, (CA) Seperate Interest out of Hawk Kue Pie Mike Casselman